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    What is Music Paradise Pro?

    If you want to arrange bulky collections of mp3s and access legal music, music paradise pro is a great option. Music Paradise Pro let you acquire and manage ‘copyleft,’ royalty-free audio downloads from places similar to Jamendo. Lots of these sites allow you to download music for free, but you will require a great music player to categorize and access it all.

    Music Paradise Pro also sources music from tons of different audio search engines, with a spotlight on free, legal mp3s. In addition, you can simply port your entire mp3 download compilation into Music Paradise Pro for easy and offline access. The main advantage is that it won’t kill your data or storage. But, you can constantly download free music and access it anytime.

    How it works with iTunes

    In expressions of stripped-down music player functionality, Music Paradise Pro really beats iTunes. The motive is that iTunes lacks a focal point, while Music Paradise specializes in arranging, playing, and accessing music on your phone. Music Paradise Pro revolves about a small group of tasks, instead of managing diverse types of media and complex e-commerce. Plus, it is about 100 times lighter!

    But the two work mutually. Music Paradise Pro simply integrates your existing iTunes collection, so you can have both. Furthermore, it’s easy to synchronize your collection across dissimilar devices and share songs with associates.

    The only dilemma is that Music Paradise Pro can be a little tricky to obtain. It’s a minor application and still being developed, so it is hard to access. Thus, here’s how to find the top edition for your platform.

    How to download the correct version of music paradise pro

    There are a bunch of diverse versions of Music Paradise Pro out there. So here’s where to find the most up-to-date versions for your PC or phone.

    iOS (iPhone, iPad)

    The most recent version 11.3, download it here.

    Downloading the application is easy for iPhone and iPad (iOS) users. The application store offers the core music player for free.


    Most up-to-date version, download it from Amazon Application Store for Android here.

    Please note that Music Paradise Pro is not accessible in the Google Play Store. For unidentified reasons, the Android music player was actually removed, possibly over abuse. That said, there is a simplified Android version available in the Amazon Application Store that will work very well.

    PC (Windows) and Mac (OSX)

    Music Paradise Pro was not intended for desktop computers (PC or Mac). Its utmost potency easily comes on mobile. But if you want a desktop companion, you can change mobile applications into a desktop application using Bluestacks. First, download the mobile edition for your phone, after that download the Bluestacks converter. From there, Bluestacks will produce a version that works for your desktop environment.

    Gone are the days of enjoying liberated music (specifically pirated music) from the internet using music downloading sites or MP3 music downloader applications. Except you are a solitude buff and make use of VPNs and proxies to layer out your identity, you would not yearn to download pirated music.

    On the other hand, if you do not want to get caught up in an illegal activity but legally stream songs, it is way too easier these days. You have got a bunch of options to pick from if you want to make use of music streaming services. Well, you might be perplexed by now. If downloading music through an MP3 music downloader is not a lawful thing to do, then why are we talking about Music Paradise Pro? Is Music Paradise Pro a good application? Is it legal to download MP3 music using Music Paradise Pro?

    Without further ruckus, let’s get started to know more about the stuff which will help you differentiate between lawful and unlawful MP3 music downloader. Additionally, you will also get to know more about how Music Paradise Pro works as a good music downloader.

    How do you know if a Music Downloader is illegal?

    Downloading music from music downloader can be legitimate as well as illegitimate. You can find the answer to this issue easily by looking at the basis of a music downloader. There are loads of Mp3 music downloader at the Google Play Store (and outside as well). However, where do they extort the MP3 files from? Is that source trustworthy and permissible?

    That is what you should first ask about to guarantee that you are downloading legal stuff from the internet. It is not a rocket science but an easy thing to dig about. You will have to ask whether the MP3 music downloader performs the download option through a website that distributes pirated copies. If not, make sure that the source distributes royalty-free music that comes with a creative commons license.


    To distinguish whether the source distributes creative commons licensed files or not, you just have to visit the link to the source and look at the depiction. If they have entirely mentioned that they have distributed music files with creative commons license, you can believe them because they would not exist if they were not so.

    Now, let us move on to know further about music paradise.

    The User Interface

    The user interface is not much remarkable but surely usable. It is clear-cut and easy-to-use. If you are running on stock Android, it won’t merge well. Nevertheless, if you are running MIUI ROM or something alike, it will merge in a way better than on a stock device.

    Music Collection & Features

    • No in-app purchases
    • The streaming quality is lofty enough for a high definition music listening experience
    • It also allows you to download music for offline use

    Feature-wise, it does not have a lot to offer. It merely gives you the ability to download music which makes it one of the best mp3 music downloader for Android. To download music paradise pro click on the link below:


    Test & Review

    After I install Music Paradise Pro on my smartphone, I listen to my favorite music over and over again every day due to its stunning feature, the favorite option where the regularly played music tracks are stored automatically. So I can directly jump into them with an easy tap. What’s more, it actually saves my work on searching music with the auto-completion feature. I love this music application. It’s totally worth owning it.

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